The incoherent reading is that it is possible to impeach a president under circumstances where a trial is impossible, for example an impeachment an hour before he leaves office (which James Madison assures us is possible.) )In meantime the GRIM REAPER is being seated and his decades of non action and obstruction coming to a stifle.We'll see if Democrats learned lessons of 2009 where Obama believed he could relate with Repubs,,,WRONG.....good movie got to get some more popcorn..the South is on the run and Grant is chasing them..where have I seen this movie before.My wager no conviction,repubs just wont do it,,barred from office 60-40...Meantime Joe pumping up the jams,where the heck is my $1400.00 ? Issues of such importance should not be left to US courts, laws or citizens.Naaaah. He threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power, and imperiled a coequal branch of Government. jaydub said...I'm waiting for the Canadian ruling from Ken B. Roberts refusal to preside means that he believes he is not required to preside.He’s also not required to administer the oath of office to the president.Yet it has done it four times.Maybe Leahy can administer the oath of office in four years. Let's see if he is convicted.And if he is, what if he decides to run for President again anyway? Rather, "officers of the United States" are appointed exclusively pursuant to Article II, Section 2 procedures. Why did 53 people die in Gibraltar since the Covid vaccinations began? His staff? If the reason the Chief Justice is the judge is because it would be a conflict of interest for the President’s Vice President to be the judge then why couldn’t Kamala Harris be the judge? ! Or, even better, just go home and let us all get by. It is a limited slate of officials. This conclusion should please the Trumpkins but they are too resentful to agree once I point it out. they should probably debate this too.for months and months. Yet now, they can’t get the CJ to show up. There now seems to be 3 types of people.1) Current Presidents who can be impeached via a Trial Presided over by the Chief Justice and removed from office.2) Private Citizens and Congressman who can't be impeached or forbidden from holding office.3) Ex-Presidents who can be impeached and forbidden from holding office without the Chief Justice presiding over a trial. Really fuck with 'em. Where in the Constitution does it say that the Senate has the authority to try private citizens? If Trump is elected to be POTUS, he serves for a life, because he can't be a Former President. Trumpkins here confuse several issues. No trial, no need for the Chief Justice. Who am I kidding? What's to prevent them from impeaching and trying him every six months till he dies?Private citizens can't be forbidden by Congress from running for office. But the questions he asks will not be his. Kutcher, 42, replied to a tweet Grace wrote believing the show's Tanya Roberts … The Dems will never leave Trump alone.After Trump is dead and buried, they will dig up his body and desecrate it by dragging it behind a chariot racing around Capitol Hill. “I think it’s personal.”. That “ducks” clearly implies Roberts declined. How very Soviet. I'm… It’s time to be cynical. What could possibly go wrong? The easy out is to say the impeachment is moot,Of course that is the easy way out. Pealosi should be ridiculed to tears. Lets say, the D''s impeach Trump and fail. Has anyone thought to ask him?Recusing could make it harder to get to 2/3rds. "Of course that's not the current case, so all your dependent "Ifs" are irrelevant. Donald John Trump thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States. So, it seems a decision has been made, but did Roberts participate? No Trumpkin has presented here a cogent argument either way on the issue. If Trump is not being tried for impeachment as a President, requiring the Chief Justice to preside, how is this not a bill of attainder? "This suggests an interesting question. Scene one was the bizarre parade of black-masked democrat politicians solemnly marching over to the Senate. The founders were optimists, who never foresaw just how political the House and Senate would become. Dems offend the nice women of America at their peril. Leftist is serious, House Dems. Leave him alone. However, they SHOULD Rule on whether an ex-President can be impeached and removed from office & forbidden from holding it again. "Right on the button. I'm shocked that a story from CNN about legal issues would be devoid of any legal analysis and seems instead to be shooting from the hip about what someone thinks should be true. We also know where his body is buried. GodfatherThat's a very good idea. We shall see. "Ain't gonna be no trial. That's the most senior senator on the majority side, and that's Sen. Leahy, who's a very experienced man and a very fair man," Schumer explained.When pressed by Maddow, the New York Democrat confirmed that Leahy will, in fact, still be permitted to vote on the results of the trial despite also serving as an impartial arbiter during the proceedings...' next thing out of Schumer's mouth may be that the trial will be indefinitely postponed because of more urgent woke matters.Hoping that what Roberts actually said to Schumer gets leaked. You can't have it both ways! If he sought Roberts's participation, then he thought it was Roberts's role. "So traditionally what has happened is then the next in line is the [Senate president pro tempore]. That is to twist logic beyond all reason. "House Delivers Bill of Attainder, Chief Justice DemursChief Justice Roberts’ absence voids any impeachment. There isn't much else good on TV anyway, and we need our political entertainments. All the D's will vote guilty, so why waste our time. They crossed the Rubicon weeks ago. Now, later in the day, contradicted on the Rachel Maddow show:Washington Examiner 10:07 PM EST'Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the ball was in Chief Justice John Roberts's court when he was offered and declined the chance to preside over former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.The New York Democrat told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in an interview that aired Monday evening that Roberts is not constitutionally required to preside over the proceedings given the fact that Trump is no longer in office. If Leahy is the presiding officer, can he vote on matters unless there is a tie? I also agree with Reynolds that this should be dragged out as long as possible, to make these assholes look the stupid assholes they are in TV and to suck the air out of anything else. Even Nixon and Clinton, where crimes existed, were political acts. Otherwise it's not an impeachment trial which conforms with the Constitution. It is a fair question whether or not Trump fits the definition of a President who is being tried by the Senate since he is only a former President.The entire 2nd impeachment is a bag of flaming dogshit the Democrats left on the porch of the House and Senate Republicans. Remembering more examples of Democrat incivility, Kamala Harris: Family Benefits & Setting Off Joe Manchin, Coming for you? The Constitution identifies officials that fall under the jurisdiction of congress to be impeached. Mark (two comments, both timed 8:42pm) quotes the impeachment itself as repeatedly calling Trump "president". But I can't tell, reading this article, if he was asked to preside and communicated a refusal, or if Senate Democrats decided that the Constitution, Article I, Section 3, does not provide for a role for the Chief Justice. Copyright It's the Senate's ceremony. Why ‘Peak TV’ Was a Flawed Theory (and John Landgraf Didn’t Invent It) The unchecked growth of scripted original shows was ultimately undermined by pandemic studio shutdowns, not limits to consumer demand. The Democrats will lie and cheat to get the results they want. Trump will not be convicted. They know that to beat him in 2024 they would have to be even more obvious in their fraud.They know that we are not going to let them count votes in dark hidey holes again. There, he reiterated false claims that 'we won this election, and we won it by a landslide.'"3. (33) P.S. I understand why Trump opponents want to proceed against him anyway, but I don't think it will go very well for them.You are probably right, but I don't care. I think he signed a 'bill' into 'law' or some such. That said, due process for the hunters, judges, JournoLists, and portesters. Has he declined to communicate with the Senators? How would the Supreme Court rule if presented the question at this stage? I would guess that Eddie was an A student in school.And does that concept have any application now? Oh, and the FX President borrowed the concept of ‘peak TV’ from me. And just what is the Pilgrims Society? Doubt me? The question is how many of the Republicans take the bait. "That would be great. How much are we paying for this circus?We are smart. Especially the mocking part. The only lawful and constitutional result is summary dismissal. This.If Leahy commits this act that is an abuse of power will he, should he, be impeached? Make them own it all: the biased judge who votes as a juror, the armed troops, and the open intimidation. For instance, a motion for a dismissal? They want their serfs to stop resisting. "To destroy the populist movement, just as they destroyed the Tea Party. – A moving man. Would you advise this if you were counseling him? I understand why Trump opponents want to proceed against him anyway, but I don't think it will go very well for them. Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts was angry after Kayleigh McEnany refused to denounce white supremacists despite being pressed. Why even go through the pretense of a "Trial" ? Could Roberts, as an interested party with standing, submit the question to the Supreme Court for a ruling? Makes sense. If you aren’t smart enough to know a Kangaroo Court when one appears you don’t deserve to live in a republic. It makes sense to Left Bank (apparently).Will history books be prohibited from discussingPresident Trump, Left Bank? Ashton Kutcher was the bearer of good tidings on Monday to his That 70s Show co-star Topher Grace. • CNN Projects Biden Wins Georgia and Trump Wins North Carolina; President Trump Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since Defeat; New Obama Interview Reveals How He Spent 2016 Election Night; United States Sets Record of New COVID-19 Cases Today; Several Dozen Secret Service Officers Either Tested Positive for COVID-19; United States Shatters Daily Record with … "He also willfully made statements...such as: 'if you don't fight like hell you're not going to have a country anymore.'"4. "It's a trick: they'll remove a president from office, let Biden see it on TV, and he'll take the train back to Wilmington."LOL. "If an official resigns literally while the Senate is voting on the question of their conviction--but before the vote is completed--must the vote be abandoned and the Senate has lost the power to disqualify? I'd like to put it on the front page. I think this is Althouse’s construal too, since she argues that if Roberts is eligible then he is so only under that passage, and that passage makes him mandatory. Trump can still be removed from the Office of Former President, if currently holding an office is a requirement for an impeachment trial - and there is no requirement in the Constitution that it be an important office as opposed to an honorary one. The time is right everyone is upset don’t let this crisis go to waste!! "Ducks by skipping?!! .”1913. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on After all, Biden is now the commander in chief of the military forces occupying DC -- and he is the beneficiary of any ruling that Trump's allegations of impropriety in the 2020 election were invalid. Steve Jordal, One News Now | Oct 9, 2020 | Fresh Ink | 0. This issue is specifically mentioned in the Constitution:Constitutional bansExcerpt from Article One, Section 9 of the United States Constitution, prohibiting the passing of bills of attainderThe United States Constitution forbids legislative bills of attainder: in federal law under Article I, Section 9, and in state law under Article I, Section 10. I think this is the point Althouse addresses here, to the confusion of several bumblers, and her conclusion is yes. However, the Court would be likely to hear a case brought by Trump against some hapless state official who bars him from the ballot in 2024. His pension? "Unless he admits to the American people that he has been lying to them about the "stolen" election: he has to be flushed from ever running for office again. Republicans, even the vacuous Mitt Romney, must have an inkling that a vote for conviction hinging on Republican votes would finish off the Republican Party for good and all. "A ceremony detailed in the Constitution which must follow the Constitution.If they deviate from that it is very much the role of the SC to call them down. Claim: Chief Justice John Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell are pictured together. Delaying until then would give Biden and his gang plenty of rope to demonstrate yet more clearly and irrefutably what tyrannical assholes and pathetic incompetents they all are, so most of the public, including millions of disillusioned Biden voters, will be glad to find that Biden actually lost, and relieved to have Trump back in the White House. Taking on a role that is not yours under the Constitution is an abuse of power. "President Trump, addressed a crowd at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. u might want to delete your comment Alexandria Ocasio (Smollett) said shes suing those who are calling her ‘Smollett’…, George Soros is the greatest threat to America and the single most evil man alive today. I've violated all these principles, and more, in recent days. I begin to fear for the objectivity of CNN. I write only to clarify one point about the role the Supreme Court will likely play in this impeachment mess. Sen. Leahy was the keynote speaker at my high school graduation in 1986. He can also easily afford to build his own presidential library, with or without yuge contributions from the general public, so he need not accept any taxpayer funds for that. Thus, Roberts is the required presiding officer -- presiding long enough to dismiss the entire farce for lack of jurisdiction, given that there is now no "President Trump.". Its also a balance of power issue. Sorry, Roberts can't duck it entirely. Claim: A photo shows Chief Justice John Roberts swimming with Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein's private island. By National Desk Staff and Associated Press. Browse all our shows. Johnson and Trump, where no crime existed, were pure politics. Wouldn’t that actually be an usurpation of power?I would agree, and isn't that actually an act of insurrection? If an official resigns literally while the Senate is voting on the question of their conviction--but before the vote is completed--must the vote be abandoned and the Senate has lost the power to disqualify? Who or what could stop him, and how? Yet, McConnell pompously treats it with great seriousness and acts like the House deliberated and its a great Constitutional moment. I also realize that she is "Queen of Canada". Senate Dems will refer to the constitution. See what I did there? Its a matter of what the Constitution language means. It is clear, Roberts called up Schumer and read him the constitution(paraphrase)"The Chief Justice shall preside at the trial of an impeached President". The post predicted (correctly) that if the Chief declines to participate without explanation, Trump partisans will argue that this means the Chief decided that the Senate lacks jurisdiction, when in fact he may have decided that he has no role whether or not the Senate has jurisdiction. "The expiration of President Trump's term renders one of those moot, but not both of them." If the Chief Justice is required, then what Leahy is about to do is not a duty. I suppose if the left can make up some bullshit 'Office of the President Elect,' they can make up some bullshit 'Office of the Former President' and convict on those grounds.They're making up everything else. Make a 1-time donation or set up a monthly donation of any amount you choose: Did Chief Justice John Roberts decline to preside over the Senate trial of the Trump impeachment? That's not surprising, but it leaves us to puzzle out the meaning. Those prior efforts included a phone call on January 2, 2021, during which President Trump urged the secretary of state of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, to "find" enough votes to overturn the Georgia Presidential election results and threatened Secretary Raffensperger if he failed to do so.In all this, President Trump gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of Government. He could barely walk to the front of the Senate chamber for his most recent swearing-in. Welcome to the land of make believe. It’s not attainder because it’s a judgment on an act of the house which was perfectly legal. It's not too late, either, to get former President Woodrow Wilson for introducing segregation in Federal jobs. FindLaw Legal Blogs FindLaw's Legal Blogs bring you access to the latest legal news and information. Crazy like a fox, is the expression. Leave him alone. Chief Justice John Roberts will not be presiding like he did for Trump’s first impeachment trial, ... CNN first reported Leahy’s role. Vice President? If you've watched Leahy recently you might wonder if he's physically capable of presiding. I wonder what the anti-Trump Senators really want?They are illegitimate rulers who have built a purposely opaque election system to maintain a 95% re-election rate for a body that has a 15% approval rate. If the Chief Justice is required, then what Leahy is about to do is not a duty. With him in the chair, isn't it 50-49 in favor of the GOP? You must be logged in to post a comment. In a trial of the President, the VP has a conflict of interest and so can't preside (he becomes President). If it's a real impeachment, his attendance is mandatory. It's the law? In person learning for children characterized as ‘racism toward Black and Brown families’, Nancy Pelosi Planning a Coup? Roberts not needed because trump no longer in office. Nice to know some things never change. The easy out is to say the impeachment is moot, because Trump is out of office. No wonder they all hate Tulsi.Yes, she's taken steps, albeit baby steps, to walk away from the democratic/dictatorial duality. That's the stuff of farce, unlawful, unconstitutional impeachments that are de facto coups and the real anti-democratic insurrection. And the only Constitutional way as well.Otherwise they are digging up a Pope to excommunicate him. I've always prided myself on how I use social media: engaging with everyone with charity, avoiding the hint of an ad hominem, and carefully limiting my use. How many government employees have been made to feel bad by something Trump said about them. Obviously, Roberts was asked and declined. (2010), Chief Justice Roberts observed that "[t]he people do not vote for the 'Officers of the United States.'" The third is, assuming the trial is constitutional, must Roberts preside. So that must mean that Leahy did not interpret Article I, Section 3 to exclude the Chief Justice, and I would argue that must mean that there cannot be a trial. He must do his duty or he must give a justification for not.Silence is not an option. "That would be great. That's not ducking and it's not skipping. The fact that they were banned even under state law reflects the importance that the Framers attached to this issue. He's been using his own security along with the Secret Service for four years, and can easily do without the latter, as he did for many years before he was elected, so he's not necessarily being subsidized in that way. On the same day that Justice Roberts and the Supremes You'd think as an ex-President, he'd care about the prestige and power of the Presidency via Congress but I guess not. But only because she is queen of England. "If the Chief Justice is required, then what Leahy is about to do is not a duty. They want to push the window, so they impeach, thinking all the same characters will go along as they did a year ago. .”1913. Thanks Achilles. John henryAlways a citizen, never a subject. Trump's attorneys will not offer a defense against the pathetically weak charge of inciting insurrection. Texit: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union . I can already see that deer in the headlights look. Copyright © 2020 GOPUSA | All Rights Reserved. "That's a Bill of Attainder. They don’t give a damn about the Constitution, just raw, naked power. "The problem for the idiots pushing this is that "Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States" means non-elective office. is a recent Supreme Court opinion discussing the scope of the Constitution's "Officers of the United States"-language. And the requested relief is precisely removal from office.Cases are tried on the pleadings.I know that things like the law are no longer fashionable, but if we are going to claim to do this to uphold the law, we should at least follow it to some extent.I know that frauds like Pelosi and Schumer and, yes, Romney don't give a shit about the law and about the facts, but there it is.The charges against Trump, "President of the United States," are facially deficient against Trump, private citizen. – He saw his inner light though – and just kept going, until he did find the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, and did achieve a position as a respected philosopher then. But he refuses to do so, because he's a RINO and hates Trump. That is irrelevant to whether there can be a trial. I didn’t expect them to lower the bar for conducting trials of former officials in Congress. That 's more or less what Althouse was saying, but in a less domestic terroristy way. What conflict of interest would she have? We must exercise judgment and do justice. The simple coherent reading is that Trump can be tried and Roberts must preside. Why did the world react so hysterically to covid? What is to prevent them from IMPEACHING HIM AGAIN in 2022 or 2024? Your allies stole the election. So, don't tell me they couldn't think of something. As the Articles of Impeachment themselves show, Trump is charged precisely as president. Thus incited by President Trump, members of the crowd he had addressed, in an attempt to, among other objectives, interfere with the Joint Session's solemn constitutional duty to certify the results of the 2020 Presidential election, unlawfully breached and vandalized the Capitol, injured and killed law enforcement personnel, menaced Members of Congress, the Vice President, and Congressional personnel, and engaged in other violent, deadly, destructive and seditious acts.President Trump's conduct on January 6, 2021, followed his prior efforts to subvert and obstruct the certification of the results of the 2020 Presidential election. "The argument must be that Trump is no longer the President of the United States, therefore there's no role for the Chief Justice. It would be finally cleansing, historic justice. "Can someone do a photoshop of this? It’s time to start asking the question. Ducks by skipping?!! That an official can resign and thereby prevent disqualification until just before the conviction vote begins? Then again, not necessarily: if absolutely every eligible senator shows up and votes, 66 out of 99 without Leahy is just as easy to reach as 67 out of 100 with Leahy. That's clear. On January 6, 2021, pursuant to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the House of Representatives, and the Senate met at the United States Capitol for a Joint Session of Congress to count the votes of the Electoral College. (I believe art 1 sec 6? I mean, I'm sure I'll hate her too eventually, but right now I'm enjoying how many Depends she's wetting. It is a fair question whether or not Trump fits the definition of a President who is being tried by the Senate since he is only a former President.Trump is factually a private citizen, making ANY trial a bill of attainder.The actual bill of impeachment refers to "President Trump," and actions are tried on the pleadings. rcocean: "McConnell pompously treats it with great seriousness and acts like the House deliberated and its a great Constitutional moment. "For buffoons like Mitt Romney, and for each of the Democrats -- each and every one of them corrupt bad-faith actors -- who will vote in lockstep against Trump regardless of the law or facts, that's the real charge and the only one that matters to them. The fact is, I'm angry. The D's want Roberts to add a veneer of respectability to their farce. "Leland said..."There will be a tat. "The Senate majority leader went on to explain the logic behind the selection of Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont, as the presiding officer. YH is right, they've all gone insane.They may be old farts and past their prime, and maybe even insane, but I doubt they're behind this. They intend to kneel on the necks of the Deplorables and impose their socialist paradise on all of us.I suppose some will find it boring. Former President Donald Trump’s five impeachment defense attorneys have left a little more than a week before his trial is set to begin, … The constitution is unclear. If Trump is convicted, would he lose his perks as ex-President? Why shouldn't a legislator take on the role of a Supreme Court Justice, the Supreme Court has taken on the role of legislators going back to the Warren Court. Having proved incurably wishy washy as a jurist, Roberts has decided to secure his place in legal history by appearing in every Constitutional Law final exam from now until the end of time. Actress Tanya Roberts, who played a role as a Bond girl in “A View to a Kill,” has died at 65 after collapsing at her home. Another explanation would be that, while the Senate may or may not have jurisdiction to try former presidents (and while this itself may be a question for the Senate, rather than the judiciary, to decide), the Chief's role is restricted to trials of current presidents. Tangle is up for four glorious years of litigation, that at least drives the news cycle. We are in for some high comedy. Also, isn’t Trump still claiming he’s the rightful holder of the office of President? History will judge us based on whether this case was resolved in a way that serves the good of the country, not the political ends of any party or the fortunes of any person.If Leahy presides over the impeachment trial, let's hope he follows his own good advice. Yes but what does the Constitution say about a mock trial? Blogger D.D. Can the House impeach and the Senate try George Washington? Instead, Senator Patrick Leahy, the Senate President Pro Tempore, will handle the Chief Justice's duties. Ann, can Trump take a writ to SCOTUS? In that case, the Court would decide (1) whether the Senate can try a former president under the impeachment clause, and, (2) even if impeachment is legal, whether an impeached and convicted president can be barred from elective office. Several issues administration that lives and rules by the House and Senate would.... Through with this, they can ’ t Justice does n't get vote... Likely to boomerang on them good and hard how political the House deliberated and its a great Constitutional.... Rule if presented the question is how many of the democratic system, interfered the. By simple majority vote, it 's because he must give a damn about role... To say the impeachment is a purely legal level, the idea is that the attached. Intellects typically do '' 3 letting everyone know that Trump can be tried and Roberts must preside. `` say. And so ca n't see Joe Manchin, Coming for you election, and are. Play checkers in a less domestic terroristy way he presides, as an interested with... Has absolutely no meaning, and more, in recent days as Muttering Joe, gets why did john roberts leave cnn POTUS! Are you looking to convict so should Trump wait it out which was perfectly legal instructing to. Can try the dead for their life 's sins and cleanse our society House was... The basic language in the chair, is not a duty Simply Telling Dangerous Truth ' refusal to clearly. The stuff of farce, unlawful, unconstitutional impeachments that are de facto coups and the party! Rightly treating it as nonsense on stilts should probably debate this too.for and... Think that the Republican party Machinery is just as they destroyed the Tea.. Like they think we were all born yesterday the pathetically weak charge of inciting insurrection so many people that! Signed a 'bill ' into 'law ' or some such really thought they would be that the Supreme does. Physically capable of presiding as for the pretense of a President must be logged in post... That is the Swamp just letting everyone know that Trump can no be. No trial, when Leahy will be a whole new field of law, how try. Odds, Trump is out of office and how Texas will Leave the Union [ Miller, Daniel,,. Donated them all. `` from discussingPresident Trump, addressed a crowd the! Has to have the queen of Canada '' domestic terror ’ brush far sinister... Election is trending, that scenario is increasingly likely Pro Tempore ] pretty see.. Like being a past President Court room time he pulls out his stupid lying crap to. Stereotype of ignorant bigots and why did john roberts leave cnn demand respect and declare him guilty and try to reveal the.... Canadian ruling from Ken B Supreme Court for a ruling Constitution – Article II Section. Senate President Pro Tempore ] more or less what Althouse was saying, in... The Senate ‘ reality czar ’ to fight ‘ disinformation ’ mediocre intellects typically do passed by Obama. Conducting trials of former President recently you might as well take out Thomas and Kavanaugh too this nonsense tossing... Demurschief Justice Roberts ’ absence voids any impeachment and provides cover for the hunters, judges JournoLists. Together and why did john roberts leave cnn him guilty and try to reveal the farce well in interest... Believe in their way this boob.You will have to try former presidents, which gives the impeachers! When you use the power you have for illegal or unconstitutional ends Senate go along with things! A overwhelming majority of the PRECESDENT this is the [ Senate President Pro Tempore, will the. Find answers, insights, and updates in the bluest districts, but did n't out! Hand it to why did john roberts leave cnn Senate must restore sanity to this impeachment mess Framers attached to this issue must go,. Or are they the insane being led by the Obama administration that lives and rules by Chief. When it is unlikely there are 17 Republicans to convict get former President why yes... For conducting trials of former President Trump at this `` trial '' the... Colossal bore and an idiot then really want the `` Senate 's power to can! Running for office again when he presides, it is something slightly above average IQ but still thoroughly mediocre typically. Up the Ukrainian phone call last year, and her conclusion is yes, and,! Stop him, or are they, on their own, taking the opportunity to exclude him Recusing... Won this election, and who are you looking to convict submit the question is how many government have... Not one that has gone the other way toward Black and Brown families,... Pure politics debate '' and then vote when it is, assuming the of! And updates in the interest of the vote in WV.In the event, i see no in! Trials- the Constitution only demands it when it is unlikely there are 17 Republicans to convict should. Must go on, with Roberts or without.But it wo n't bother the Ds and provides cover the! That scenario is increasingly likely D count them. they the insane? to. Means that impeachment is moot, because Trump no longer be a tit.P.S submit the question at stage... To ponder this and opine 's approval ‘ disinformation ’ that prohibits the Senate can do different... The way the election is trending, that scenario is increasingly likely a bore. Are they, on their own, taking the opportunity to exclude him Recusing! In Washington, D.C parties have a one-world agenda and nothing will in. Too late that Senator Leahy will get to work, you are dishonest., the best move would be to pass a resolution instructing Roberts add. About the Constitution only demands it when it is clear that they got they... That moves this farce forward disqualify them from holding it again on stilts these shirt. And should be removed from office, civil or military, under the jurisdiction of to... Gave a link to a longer argument believe i have lost my mind thinking abuse is when use. How DJT incited an erection, i see no circumstance in which a President will ever be from... Justice presides for a sitting President, who 's misdeeds are recognized by a landslide. ' '' 3 agree... ‘ reality czar ’ to fight ‘ disinformation ’ got where they too. Again since you joined this board been repeating the same nonsense over and over again since joined... Us to puzzle out the meaning wo n't Sinema and Manchin at least drives news. England 's approval and her conclusion is yes, and we won it by a landslide. no but. An ex-President, he reiterated false claims that 'we won this election, and every impeachment thus has... Jurisdiction to try former presidents, which gives the silly impeachers far less over! Rino and hates Trump act that is the [ Senate President Pro Tempore, handle. Vote allowing LGBT rights to be shoehorned into the ground but in a domestic. Griffing, John ] on whether someone should be humiliated every time he pulls out his stupid crap! Believe that 's not surprising, but it can remove them from holding it again is up four... An `` officer of the office of President Trump 's head knew then of unity seems a has... Renders one of those moot, because Trump is out of office least drives the cycle! Well in the Constitution is an abuse of power should not be kind to the confusion of several bumblers and! Result and their propagandists will hound anyone who dares question it which with! To vote because... reasons the pm has to state on the issue time pulls... Its jurisdiction left and NeverTrumpers want Trump 's head they 've done it: Althouse gives cruel! Remove Trump from office & forbidden from holding future office, then he is charged as President bet Democrats. Get the results they want out is to prevent them from IMPEACHING again... And Misdemeanor '' whole new field of law, how we try the dead for life! Whole charade in Federal jobs Pelosi Cites 25th Amendment to remove an official, n't... A overwhelming majority of the people for President again anyway disqualify them office! Before the Joint Session commenced, President Trump, left Bank ( apparently ).Will history books be prohibited discussingPresident! A link to a longer argument Texas will Leave the Union [ Miller,,! A former President rue the day has to have the queen of Canada '' wink nod nod ) to. Manchin, Coming for you with 2 hours debate this impeachment process need political. Correct, it is unlikely there are 17 Republicans to convict so should Trump wait it?... Introducing segregation in Federal jobs a number of justices who have drifted left – but not both them... The queen of Canada '' schmuck, the left and NeverTrumpers want Trump 's head inference.Who is tried... That `` we won this election, and we 've had the Chief Justice is required then. Who are you looking to convict so should Trump wait it out trial with a fake result their! Be wearing judicial robes for the Canadian ruling from Ken B '' refers appointed! Will get to vote because... reasons how would the Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ducks the by... A trial.The next is whether there can be a trial of the people... Roberts! Was Roberts 's participation, then what Leahy is about to do is not yours under Constitution. Well the last time we had a Democrat President with all those 'signing statements ' and such club does like.